Main Protagonist
Age 11 (debut in the book) 12 (end of the Giver book) 16 (the Giver movie) Adult (other books)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Given job Receiver of Memory (The Giver), Leader of Village (Messenger)
Allies Kira, Asher (Temporarily in the movie), Fiona, Gabriel, Matthew, Annabelle, Matt, Lily, Claire, Frolic
Enemies The Community
Fate Alive
Appearances The Giver, Messenger, Son
Mentioned Gathering Blue
Portrayed by Brenton Thwaites

Jonas is the main protagonist in The Giver and a secondary character in Messenger and Son. He is an Eleven in the beginning of the book and is selected to become the Receiver of Memory during the Ceremony of Twelve.


Jonas is a light eyed individual, training to be the Receiver of Memory. After he learns about the Community and topics like Release, he plans to escape to save Gabe's life.


In the beginning, he is like everyone else. However, once his eyes have been opened, he can now see color and can feel real emotions and have memories. He is nice and is passionate about keeping his loved ones safe, risking his life for Gabriel's life.

Job Assignment

Jonas is not assigned, but is selected, to be the Receiver of Memory. It is a job with great honor and wisdom, and a rare one, too.


Early Life

Jonas, like every child in the community, was born from a Birthmother. Jonas is adopted by a mother and a father. Later in his life, his parents adopt a sister named Lily. He follows the same, dull life of everyone in the community until the age of 12 when he was selected to be the Receiver of Memory.

The Giver

Jonas appears as a typical Eleven awaiting the Ceremony of Twelve, and when he is selected to be the next Receiver, his training is followed as he is given memories, both painful and happy, and his eventual escape from the Community with Gabriel.



Jonas is now an adult and the leader of Village. He uses his powers to help Matt and Kira. He knows Matty's power to heal and tells him to save them all. Matty dies and Jonas names him Healer.


Now aged and married to Kira, Jonas lives a peaceful life in Village. He gives advice to Gabriel. It is also revealed his ability to see beyond is fading away, meaning it drains more of his energy to use it.


Film Adaptation

  • In the film adaptation of The Giver, Jonas is portrayed by Brentan Thwaites.
  • Jonas is 16 in the film instead of 11/12.
  • Instead of pale blue eyes being a mark of him being a possible Receiver of Memory, he has a blue mark on his wrist.
  • In the film adaptation, he was Number 52 instead of Number 19.

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