This article is not part of The Giver Universe.
Justin Miccoli
Gender Male

Justin Miccoli appears in The Giver as the Chief of Security, a featured extra role. Also on the set of The Giver, he was the personal assistant to actress Katie Holmes. Born in Pietermaritzburg RSA He lived his first 9 years in the sub tropical African Town, Durban, South Africa, a natural paradise, his mother moved he then grew up in Crediton a small farming village in Devon England he was schooled there at the Queen Elizabeth school His mother was a daughter of a chief magistrate in SA and his father an Italian immigrant who went to South Africa on a gold mining contract and was trained as chief blaster and dynamite expert,his father had a well respected appetite for fighting, while his mother was a respected writer and teacher, both parents have a history of performance on stage. He later married Irina Miccoli.

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