Gender Female
Hair Black
Allies Kira, Christopher (Seer), Marlena, Camilla
Fate Deceased
Appearances Gathering Blue (Dead Body)

Katrina is Kira's mother. She and Kira had been close, as Kira had no siblings and her father went missing before her birth.


She died in the beginning of Gathering Blue, and the book starts with Kira sitting with Katrina's body in the Field of Leaving.


  • Kira- daughter
  • Christopher- Husband
  • Camilla- Coworker
  • Marlena- Coworker

 Physical Description

Not much is mentioned about Katrina's physical appearance, since she died at the beginning of the book.  However, when Kira meets Annabella, she says that Kira looks like her mother at that age.

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