On the cover of Gathering Blue
Age 15 (in Gathering Blue) Adult (Son)
Gender Female
Hair Black
Allies Katrina, Matt, Matthew, Christopher (Seer), Jonas, Annabelle, Annabella, Thomas, Marlena, Jamison, Jo, Gabriel, Branch, Claire, Camilla
Enemies Vandara, Trademaster, Matt's mother, Jamison (after she figures out what he did)
Appearances Gathering Blue, Messenger, Son

Kira is the main protagonist of Gathering Blue, also appearing in Messenger and Son as a secondary character.


Gathering Blue

Kira is the main character of Gathering Blue. She was born with a twisted leg and is therefore partly disabled. She becomes a Threader, living at the Council Edifice.


Kira makes small appearances in the Village, while Matt is the main protagonist. Matt helps Kira to bring her to Village, when the borders were closing.


Now married to Jonas, Kira is a character in this book. She has two children, Annabella and Matthew.


  • Christopher (Seer)- Father. Kira was told by Jamison that his father was dead in Gathering Blue, but he was actually alive.
  • She has two children with Jonas: Matthew and Annabelle, named after Matt and Annabella respectively.
  • Annabella (Deceased)- Mentor


  • Kira is a phenomenal basket weaver.
  • Kira has a twisted leg which is a birth defect, and caused everyone to think that she couldn't handle living in her home, so Kira temporarily became homeless.