aka Dark, Darky, Badweather4cast

  • I live in The Place of No Stars.
  • My occupation is betraying my friends in video games.
  • I am really super gay
  • DaringDooDarkstripe123

    Hello, Darkstripe here, a fellow Elder! I'd like to address a bit of an issue.

    First of all, I'm starting to notice that there are WAY to many stubs, which should really be updated/improved. We've really been working on improving already full articles (there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not trying to say there it) but I think the admins and all the other active users should start working on adding to stubs, so we can remove the tag and have better articles.

    Now, just hold on a second before you start shouting, "Hey, you haven't improved any stubs recently! Don't be so hypocritical!" I know I haven't recently, but in my spare time (which I have little of nowadays) I'll start trying to do so.

    If and when I find the time, I am going to create …

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