Hey, there guys!

So, on Wattpad, I'm writing a fanfiction/story that is about what happens after  Jonas gives the memories back to the Community, and honestly, I think it's coming along famously. (If you want to read it, here's my username: @tylaminecraft101. It's an inside joke, I'm not really into Minecraft.)

I wasn't writing this blog post because I needed to to get one of those badge things and this was the only thing I could really write about, no way! I was writing this because I needed some stuff for the story...


I am trying my best to incorporate things from the Giver book and the movie, but my memory is a little hazy on the differences. If someone could please give me some and put them on my page somewhere or DM me on Wattpad that would be really great :)


I need to draw the OCs...

I'm really happy to do it myself, I really love drawing, but I don't have infinite time in a day, so I'm asking if one person or two people or something (I'm not really expecting a ton of people to read this anyway) could draw my OCs so I could have some pictures of them to put in my book. If anyone wants to do it, here's some character descriptions:

Adrian: Girl, brown hair, brown eyes, and a little on the short side

Liam: Boy, brown hair, brown eyes, tall and built

Sarah (Adrian's mom): blonde hair, brown eyes, medium height

Peter (Adrian's dad): salt-and-pepper hair, green eyes, tall

Otto (Adrian's brother): blond hair, green eyes, a year younger than Adrian, taller than Adrian and his mom

Yeah, so those are the most important characters. Anyone who actually does it, you're freaking awesome! XD


Thank you for taking the time to read this (if anyone actually does). Wish me luck!

- Carley :-D

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