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    The following are some of the important quotes of The Giver (film). They are listed in the order they appeared in the film.

    Jonas's voiceover - After The Ruin, we started all over. Creating a new society. One of true equality. Rules were the building blocks of that equality. We learned them as newchildren. Rules like... Use precise language. Wear your assigned clothing. Take your daily injections.
    Jona's voiceover - Obey the curfew. Never lie.

    (The Giver title card)

    Jona's voiceover - My name is Jonas. I don't have a last name. None of us did. That day, the day before graduation. I had met it. I was scared. Tomorrow we would be assigned our jobs, our purpose. It seemed that everybody knew theirs already. (pauses) Not me. I was lost. I a…

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